Welcome at Myster Audio

Myster Audio specializes in Audio Production for the moving pictures industry.

The company covers markets such as:

- TV and Cinema,
- Gaming,
- Advertising,
- Corporate and Institutional customers.

and takes care of multiple aspects of Audio Production:

- Session Recording,
- Music Composition and Arranging in styles ranging from Orchestral music to Pop & Jazz,
- Soundscape creation including Sound FX design,
- Dialog and Voice-Over recording and processing,
- Audio Restoration,
- Mixing music-only productions or more complex and heterogeneous soundscape (Music, Sound FX and Dialogs) for a consistent audio experience,
- Synchronization to visuals and finally,
- Mastering, delivering ready-to-broadcast Audio Productions to customers.

The toolset includes industry standards such as ProTools and mastering tools from iZotope. Various top notch sample collections from industry leaders (East West, Sample Modeling, Native Instruments, etc.) are frequently used during the arranging process.

Gaming Audio experience using the Unity 3D Gaming Engine associated with a strong background in computer languages (C, C++, scripting, etc.) allows covering more than what gets usually requested to sound designers and composers. Because there is a common language with computer industry professionals Myster Audio can provide seamless integration within a game company development team.

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